Start College Planning Now

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81809ru_mw_1110041607_wm-editThis will stun many Connecticut parents of high school juniors.  As April enters, most of your children will have applied to their early action-early decision colleges within the next 6 months and most all of their colleges within the next 8 months.

Even crazier, for those who are happy with their Early Action and Early Decisions, some will already know where they are going to college as early acceptances come in December.

When I made this remark at a recent college presentation in Fairfield County, there was an audible gasp from a couple of parents.

“I’m so far behind.” one moaned.  I assured this caring mom that she wasn’t behind anything compared to the majority of the country.  Connecticut, particularly Fairfield County, is a college intense state.

As a parent of a junior heading into the back end of 11th grade, you are not behind anything.  But, of course, NOW is the time to dig in and start the college process. What does that mean?  Ensure that grades, test scores, and activities are in place so that when your children knows what colleges interest them, they will be able to stand a good chance at admission. Set up a time to really plan the college process. Create a game plan to start college visits.  And get ready for a transformative year in 2016!