Fairfield County Students – PSAT Results are out!

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Whether you are looking to qualify for National Merit Scholarship Program or just looking for an indication of where you are with respect to these tests, now is a good time to take stock of your current situation and prepare to work toward improvement. We are offering practice SATs and ACTs the first weekend of each month at our offices in Southport. For those who have taken only the PSAT, a practice ACT is a good way to decide on which test to focus. The following are some FAQs regarding the PSAT:

  1. Is the PSAT the same as the SAT?
    • The PSAT is slightly shorter than the SAT and it does not include a writing section. Beside these, there are virtually identical.
  2. How do I qualify for National Merit Scholarship Program?
    • It depends on which state in which you reside . You will receive a Selection Index as part of your scores, and this is used to qualify. If your SI is above the threshold for your state, you should qualify as a semi-finalist for National Merit Scholarship Program.
  3. What is the Selection Index and How is it Calculated?
    • The Selection Index is a weighting of your PSAT component scores to determine the level of your recognition within the initial stages of the National Merit program.
    • The PSAT SI gives twice as much weight to reading/writing score as to your math score. The SI can be determined by taking your Reading/Writing score on your PSAT, dividing it by 10, then multiplying by 2. Then divide your math score by 10 and add that to the previous result.
  4. What is the expected SI cut-off for CT students?
    1. Based on the past few years, and to the extent they don’t change much year to year, the expected cut-off should be 221.